Monday, March 27, 2017

Broken Record

I feel a bit like a broken record....but we're here again, to try "just once more". Financial lines fell into place, thanks to a wonderful donation from family, so we've signed up and have just started our 5th round of IVF, this time a fully medicated, fully ouchy needles, cycle. Will this be our last one? I don't know, I think i'm giving up saying that, but reality is the family donation will only cover one cycle. But I do know this is our last year of trying. I turn 39 this summer, my body had a hard time keeping our little guy safe last time, and age is not going to make that any better. We've both made a pretty firm decision, that if the cards don't align this summer, we're a family of 3 for the long haul.

So...we're on week 3 of acupuncture (this time B is trying some out too - there have been some new studies out showing increased motility with acupuncture), and day 4 of injections. The cycle is identical so far to the one we ended up with our baby boy from. I'm starting to feel the effects already - bloating, painful mid section - it's amazing how quickly those effects begin.

Wish us luck....