Friday, December 20, 2013

Mr. Cellophane

Well, I keep saying I'm going to write a blog post or two and never seem to make the time, so today's going to be my intro post.

I picked the title because I was inspired by the musical 'Chicago' - one of the characters sings a song titled 'Mr. Cellophane', because no one really notices he's there. That's pretty much how this whole process has been for me so far, and it's been admittedly a bit disconcerting. When we go to appointments together, and we're waiting in the waiting room, the nurse always calls out for R, never for both of us. When the doctors and nurses talk, it's to R. If I say something, they always seem to have a surprised look (having, presumably, forgotten that I was there), and then answer... usually to R.

Although a bit odd, it makes complete sense - the focus of this effort is on R, not me, even though the actual fertility problem is with me, not her. Unfortunately there's not much I can do except operate as support staff, nurse, and shoulder to lean on. Oh yeah, and cheerleader. She's doing great so far; next week the hard stuff starts with the injections, but given this pic:

... I don't see how she can claim to have a problem with needles. ;-)

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