Tuesday, December 31, 2013

IVF in the Dark Ages

How did they do IVF in the dark ages you ask? By oil lamp and candles of course! We've had a spate of amazing weather - ice storms, snow dumps, wind - that has led to multiple power outs. Usually I enjoy these times - peace, quiet, games, candles, fireplace. But when you have $4500 of drugs in the fridge and $500 of drugs that need to be kept at above 68F, it's not hard to start to get anxious. Luckily we've got through by keeping the propane fireplace going and sleeping with the Crinone under our blankets, and running the generator to the fridge every 4 hours to keep things cold. So far, all is well.

Yesterday morning we had power out again (thankfully back by lunchtime), so had to do my morning lupron shot by oil lamp. Couldn't resist shooting a picture of that one, even though I don't usually look while B is preparing the syringe (no, my fear of needles has not passed). 

In other news, the Gonal-F shot has actually been fine. The needle though longer is finer, so i barely feel it go in, and B has just been doing two clicks at a time for me - 9 clicks in total. So far, so good. Side effects wise though things have not been great - the day after we started Lupron I woke up in amazing pain in my left leg. Thinking i'd strained it we just massaged and Tiger Balmed it. It still hasn't gone away though, and waxes and wains in pain levels. We talked to the pharmacist and one of the side effects of Lupron is bone and muscle pain, particularly in the pelvic area. Oi. I hope it starts to die down soon.....

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