Monday, July 14, 2014

Waiting, watching, and hoping...

I guess it's been a while since I wrote a post... there's certainly been a lot going on, but I think part of my reluctance has been that I have spent most of my time waiting, watching, and hoping. Shortly after the positive blood test, I started to feel good about the pregnancy, that things might work out, and that it wouldn't be as traumatic as last time.

Then, of course, R had those sharp pains on the weekend and we thought everything was all over. Ever since then, I swear I must be driving R crazy because I ask  her all the time how she is feeling. I fret when she hurts, or when she doesn't feel sick, or when she does. It turns out there's nothing that really feels comfortable.

But, every day that passes without incident makes it a little easier to relax and feel better. I'm trying to accept the rollercoaster that we're on, rather than try to control it. There doesn't seem to be any predictability other than unpredictability, so best to embrace it and be thankful that we even have the opportunity.

We had our 6 week ultrasound last Thursday, and we saw a heartbeat! Just one this time, but positioned up high in the uterus where it should be, and most important, no sign of any bleeding.

So, back to waiting, watching, and hoping. With a slightly fuller heart.

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