Our Story

November 24th, 2013

B and R first met on a snowy January 2012 day in midcoast Maine. We met at an ice-cream shop, Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick. It was -10C outside and we both had a large bowl of gelato and a hot chocolate. It was meant to be.

From there things moved forward, we moved into a house and have been slowly making it ours. Our family right now consists of two dogs and two cats, though we've known we wanted it to be more before we even moved in together. Knowing B had a vasectomy in his previous marriage, we knew it'd be hard, but we didn't know it'd be this hard, and heart wrenching.

In May 2013 B underwent a painful, but successful reversal. With doctors advisement (as reversals can 'undo' themselves through scar tissue), we began trying for a family immediately. Six months later and we found ourselves in a Boston IVF clinic in Portland Maine. Though tests had shown the reversal = worked functionally, motility was too low for anything but a very lucky pregnancy. Initial results also show that at 35, R didn't have the best ovarian reserve either, so it was important to start now and not leave it any longer.

We've looked at adoption, and have a company lined up to go with, but we wanted to try everything we could to 'make' a family first. We have no insurance coverage for fertility testing or treatment, so it's been tough to look at those large numbers and decide what we can and can't do, as we know we need to leave ourselves enough to potentially adopt at the end of treatment if unsuccessful.

Tomorrow we go for our final consultation after fertility testing and find out whether we're candidates. Follow us on our journey to a family.

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