Friday, December 27, 2013

Get set....and go!

...and we're off. Christmas day at 7am B did my first shot of! It actually went okay, sometimes I get light headed with injections, this was one of those times, but in reality it didn't really hurt going in. Now we're on day 3, I can say that B is a pro at giving injections, and that lupron really stings about a minute after it goes in.

Today we start the Gonal-F - the big guns - and i'm really not looking forward to that one. For a start, that's the really expensive one, so no messing that one up. The second reason is it's just such a large volume. The lupron is 10 units, the Gonal-F is 450 units. The nice lady who did our injection training let me inject it out on the table to see the volume...and it was HUGE. Sigh. I guess at 35 I couldn't expect to suddenly just be okay with needles, even with daily ones.

In other news so far here in Maine we've had an ice storm and a snow storm clogging up traffic. We lost power for nearly two days (we did get spurts of power in that time) and luckily it came back on Christmas Eve, which meant hot showers - yay! It's definitely got us thinking about travel to Portland, and how we'll have to watch the weather and just be ready to stay down there if we need to....

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