Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First Results

We went to our first ultrasound and blood tests today. They unfortunately called with my results as I was driving, so I didn't get to ask questions, and am having a hard time looking up what is 'normal' 5 days into treatment. I "think" the results are normal, they're certainly not too fast which is the main concern right now and being on a high dose of Gonal-F. Here they are -

Left Ovary - Multiple Follicles (5-10)
Right Ovary - Few Follicles (2-4)
Estradiol - 101.1 pg/ml
LH - 3.16 mlU/ml
Progesterone - 0.535 ng/ml

I hope they're normal. So far we've had a good experience with Boston IVF, though the holidays have really messed around with when I feel I can call them and ask questions. We have another appointment on Saturday for another set of bloodwork and ultrasounds. The one disappointment today (other than hoping i'd progressed much more than that so I could come down in dosage) is that we didn't get to see our normal nurse Amy to talk about our treatment. I should probably call her, I just don't want to bug......sigh. Maybe i'll call her Thursday, after the holidays are passed.

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