Friday, December 20, 2013

It just got real.....

Yesterday we went down to Portland to pick up our medication. We'd found an awesome local pharmacy that was the same price as those online - Apothecary By Design - and they do free teaching sessions for how to do all the injections (gulp). As a total needle-phobe, we decided it would be a good idea. So we headed down, parked in a snowbank and headed in to be greeted by a lovely lady who looked somewhat like a Christmas elf (complete with green jeans and red shoes). She took us into a conference room and went to get our nurse and our medications.

A few minutes later our nurse (pregnant....which is an interested choice for a nurse counseling an infertile couple) appeared with two giant boxes - luckily the larger was just the teaching materials! An hour and a half of practicing jabbing needles into a fake tummy, $5K and a chocolate bar later, and we headed out to do some final Christmas shopping then head to our acupuncture appointments (which has been going really well, I can even say I actually relaxed in the one yesterday!).

Everything got really real for me yesterday. I am not good with injections at all, so the two weeks of needles is going to be an interesting one. We are on so many different medications too, at different times and different doses, just keeping everything straight is going to be a challenge. We're on Lupron (10 units) twice a day for 3 days, then add in Gonal-F 450 units just in the evening (as well as the lupron). Everything starts on monday, I finish up the birth control pill, then start injecting on Wednesday (Christmas day). We're thinking a series of phone alarms and reminders will keep us straight.....

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