Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good news

It's been a while since I updated. I'm not sure why, maybe waiting to see what happens? Maybe just no time, it's been hectic.

The good news is that we had a positive blood test - 171 hcg - pregnant! Now the long wait begins, we have to wait until the 10th to get an ultrasound. Trying not to stress, trying not to be petrified that i'll start bleeding.

This weekend brought some scary moments. Saturday morning I had an excruciating pain over my right ovary, so bad I could barely walk. B and I waited, and waited, for me to start bleeding, we really thought that was it. The pain remained, came and went worse then better, but no bleeding. At 8pm we finally called Boston IVF and got a wonderful Doctor in Waltham call us. She assured us it didn't sound like a miscarriage and made us an appointment for Monday (yesterday). Sunday the pain got a little better, felt more like an ache, like i'd been kicked, than the sharp pain of saturday. By Monday I could walk better, sit easier, though still sore. An ultrasound and some blood work confirmed the pregnancy was okay, and i'd probably had an ovarian cyst rupture, they could see blood in my belly, and because i was feeling better it was resolving.

The bummer was we didn't see anything on the ultrasound - now at 4.5 weeks, we'd be pretty lucky to see anything, but still I guess i was hoping for a little sac, just something, to let us know it was all okay. My hcg numbers were over 1800, which is right where I should be, so there's no reason just yet to think it wouldn't be good, I guess just after a loooong weekend, some reasurrance would have been nice. But at least I only have to wait until next thursday to find out....!

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