Thursday, February 4, 2016


We've been thinking a lot about trying again (and of course trying the regular way, which has about a 1 in a million chance of happening....but hey, we figure someone out there wins the lottery, why not us?). We visited Dr Lannon at Boston IVF a few days ago and today just signed the paperwork to begin round 3 in May.

This time we'll try Mini-IVF, or Natural Cycle IVF as its sometimes called. Less drugs, less money, maybe less chance of success, it's hard to tell. We were "lucky", we did IVF twice and it worked twice. But in both those highly medicated (very high in the case of the second one) I never made that many eggs, and when it came to it, only two embryos survived to transfer. So the thought is to put all my energy into producing just two eggs, and hope that makes them "good eggs". Dr Lannon feels it's the first eggs produced that are the better ones anyway (no data, as it's impossible to track), so maybe it'll work. There have been a few papers out too that show that for women with low egg reserves, Mini-IVF can be a better choice. So we're going for it.

Testing should begin next week, to see if i'm still a candidate.......the rollercoaster begins. It's not without some trepidation, we have an amazing baby boy, shouldn't we be satisfied with that? We really are, and if that is where we end up, we'll always be happy and thankful for what we have. But we always wanted two children, so our little guy can grow up with a sibling, particularly where B and I are older. There's also concern over ending up with twins, something we go into this knowing could happen, but it's far from our ideal.

So it begins.....

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