Monday, February 10, 2014

The lowest lows and the highest highs

Today we'd been scheduled for our "viability scan". The wait for this day had been longer than the 2 week wait, so much longer. We knew we'd got pregnant from the beta, but was it real, how many were there, and were they growing properly. We'd had a tough few weeks trying to distract ourselves.

And then saturday came around. The excitement of monday had built, we were so close. We'd visited B's parents and were headed home, stopping at Lowes on the way back, talking about baby carriages and names. We'd let ourselves get excited. I got out of the car at Lowes and immediately felt something was not right. A 'gush' came out into the pad i'd been wearing because of the progesterone, so I headed to the bathroom. I was bleeding, a lot. We headed home, just 30 minutes away, B called the Boston IVF on call nurse and I headed to clean up, by this time i'd bled through my jeans and it was everywhere. It also wasn't stopping. The nurse said we should watch and wait, if the bleeding didn't stop to head to the ER. We did a bunch of google searches - some stories saying they got through it, many saying they didn't.

Around 6pm we headed to the ER in Augusta, figuring it was bigger than our small local hospital, so we'd be more likely to be able to get a scan. They took us through to a room and there we waited, watching the olympics on TV, trying not to cry more than I was already. The bleeding had slowed a little at this point, though was still a lot. After nearly 5 hours we headed home, having had an exam but no scan (there was no-one available, so they said to wait until Monday's appointment). My cervix was still closed which was a good sign, but there was so much bleeding, they couldn't rule out miscarriage.

So the wait for this morning was made even longer. Our friend A arrived on Sunday morning in her PJ's just to sit with me and keep us company as soon as she heard. We couldn't have asked for a better support person. This morning we arrived at Boston IVF in Portland at 9.30. Waited ten minutes and went in to get our scan.

Amazingly, the news was good. Two sacs appeared, followed by two hearts beating. Both the right size, both beating the right beats. A large "bruise" was seen in my uterus, the source of the bleeding, but apparently of no harm to the babies inside. We'll go for another scan next week to be sure, but all is looking well. We cried, we hugged. An emotional day. We have a long way to go, but are so happy.

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