Sunday, January 26, 2014

Positive Beta!

So we had our results - 519.4 HCG level. The office looks for a level between 50-100, so we're well above where we needed to be! So we're pregnant, at least for this moment, so we're cherishing it! Now unfortunately we have to wait - Boston IVF only rechecks the HCG levels if you're under 100, since we're not, we now have to wait 2.5 weeks until we have an ultrasound scan to look for a sac and a heartbeat.

So far it's been 3 days since we had that news, and I have to say, this wait is the hardest. We're pregnant, but don't know if it's viable. So many don't make it past a few weeks old, it just makes me wonder everyday. Doesn't help that somedays i've been feeling quite nauseas, yet for the last two days i've been feeling better. I feel slightly crazy for being worried about not feeling nauseas. I also don't fit into my regular trousers anymore, and we even went out and bought me some new bra's too, as i've been unable to wear my regular ones. I know those things are down to the progesterone i'm still taking, but it would be nice to think they might be because we're still pregnant too....just so hard to know what is side effect and what is pregnancy.

B and I have been talking about when we might stop worrying. I don't know, i'd like to think i'll worry less once we're past this scan. The good news is we're off on vacation the week after the scan, to Hawaii, and I actually fly from there to China for two weeks after. So we'll leave at 8 weeks pregnant, and come back at 12 weeks, where in theory the major hurdles are over. I think it'll be good to concentrate on something else, to relax and enjoy ourselves after this crazy journey, and to just focus on being, rather than wondering about being pregnant all the time.

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