Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Assuming Positive Outcomes

While R was in the acupuncturist's office yesterday, I waited in the lobby for her. The other acupuncturist who works in the office, and who I have seen a couple of times while R was getting her treatments, stopped in to chat and see how things were going. We had a really interesting conversation after he asked if we had been doing any testing at home - I said that we had, and that it was positive, but we were trying not to get our hopes up too much.

His point was worth repeating, I thought, and that was that although there are a lot of things that can go wrong in this process (and, indeed, in any pregnancy), there are a lot of things that can go right. And that usually, things do go right in the grand scheme of things.

I realized last week at some point that I have been assuming that this process would be successful from day one. There's no rational reason that I can point to for that to be true, and in fact there are any number of factors that can be pulled up to show that it's demonstrably statistically unlikely. I think it's just sort of how I've tried to live my life - assume I'll be successful, then work really hard to make that happen. I once heard someone in Starbucks management utter the phrase 'Assume Positive Intent' - that is, assume that people meant to do something good, even if the outcome didn't turn out well. For me, this is just a slight twist on that - Assume Positive Outcomes. Sort of like 'Hope for the best', I suppose.

Not that I'm not nervous about tomorrow's results - I definitely am. R felt a little better this morning, and she mentioned that it might seem weird, but that made her nervous. Funny thing was, I had the exact same thought. So, we'll just keep moving forward, cautiously optimistic.

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